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Film Extrusion Equipment


Purchased in 1991 but extensive modifications in 2007 and 2011.

5 layer cast film line

Line width – 2000mm

Maximum web width (trimmed) – 1800mm

Deckling capability – 500mm per side (Cloeren EDS)

Max film thickness – 300micron

Max output – 750kg/hour

Speed – 7 – 300m/min

4x Hydreclaim gravimetric blends with Davis standard Gradex controls.

4x air cooled extruders as follows…

A – 120mm diam / 30.1 L:D / 187kW

Davis Standard DSB Barrier flight screw with mixer, LDPE, LLDPE, EP, PP 

B – 90mm diam / 30.1 L:D / 112kW

Barrier flight with Maddock mixer, PA6, LDPE, PP

C – 90mm diam / 30.1 L:D / 112kW

BGE Barrier flight screw, Maddock mixer, LDPE, LLDPE, EP, PP

D – 60mm diam / 30.1 L:D / 45kW

Barrier flight screw, with Egan mixer, EVOH, adhesives, EP, PP, PE

1900mm die with spare EDI autoflex die (also 1900mm)

Stephenson air knife with RMP lips

2x chill rollers with 600mm diameter

Krypton 85 gauging system

Fife web oscillator

850mm diameter rewind

Edge trim

Sherman ceramic treater (GT 220)

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