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Film Extrusion Equipment



Triplex blown extruder for tubing and sheeting


Suitable for LDPE, LLDPE, Blends HDPE, MDPE, mLLDPE

Suitable for widths of 800-2100mm

Die diameter and gap – 400mm / 2.2mm

Film thickness range – 20-200micron

Layer distribution – A-30% B-40% C-30%

Screw speed of extruder – A-130 B-135 C-130 (RPM)

Produces 450kg/hour

Doteco Blendo gravimetric dosing system

Macchi cooling control system

Touch screen operation

Kundig thickness scanner

Ferrari Benelli corona treater (double sided)

E+L edge guide

System for loading rewind shafts



no.1 80/30 D

no.2 65/30 D

no.3 65/30 D

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