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Pallet Wrapper model: PDS 1200 LP-AS

In Superb condition located in a large company, for sale immediately.

ROTOWRAP W PDS LP AS 1200 is a stretch wrapping machine and features a rotary arm with double pre-stressing system or ‘PDS’. Has a maximum working height of 2200 mm and an automatic system for gripping, cutting and welding of film.

  • Wrapping machine Rotowrap PDS LP AS prevents adverse effects arising from transport and environmental conditions.
  • LP AS – Version with automatic cutting and welding the end of the film (LP-AS).
  • Wrapping machine is designed for heavy duty applications with medium to high frequency packaging.
  • With a rotating winding unit does not affect the product.

To see how this type of machine works, please view the example video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFDZj8D8q5s&feature=youtu.be

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