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Coating Machines


(2014) Bobst Rotomelt 1650-200

900-1650mm web width range

1600mm max coating width

200m/min run speed

2x Shafted type (3”) unwinds with 1000mm diameter

BST web guide

Coating head

Spreader roller

1x slot die for application, quick change type for easy pattern changes

1x trolley for nozzle change support

Max flow rate of coating head 550kg/hour

NDC gauge (IR type) for reading surface thickness

2x cooling drums (water) 290mm diameter for the uncoated side of the web

1000mm diameter rewind (6” shaft size)

Hoist for reel loading and unloading.

400v, 50hz, 3 phase required


Machine is in immaculate condition with very few running hours, available for demonstration in the UK as stock to prospective buyers.

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