Welcome to Steadfast Machinery. We specialise in selling used equipment for the flexible packaging and paper converting industries.

Flexo press and other printing machinery case studies

Rebuild and upgrade of Titan slitter

Steadfast Machinery has recently purchased 2 Titan SR5 slitter rewinders, one of the machines is a 1989 1600 mm wide slitter for film or paper, the machine has been professionally cleaned and spray painted, we are now replacing worn or damaged parts and will offer the completed machine for sale in early 2010.

The other Titan SR5 will be rebuilt, the existing control desk, motors and rewind shafts will be scrapped and replaced with new parts, when finished the machine will be comparable with many new machines on the market today, with differential rewind bars, touch screen operator console, 3 new drive motors, new electronic drives, new Siemens PLC. In addition the machine will be professionally cleaned and spray painted, the machine will be available in March 2010.

Rebuild of Schiavi Alpha gearless flexo press

Steadfast Machinery bought a fire damaged 8- colour gearless flexo press and completely dismantled it, the frame sides and common impression cylinder were cleaned and painted and reassembled, the cylinder was checked for tolerance and run-out and was found to be well inside manufacturers tolerance.

The flexo press machine was then meticulously rebuilt using replacement parts sourced from the original manufacturers, even the electrical wiring was purchased from the original supplier so that in future any faults could be traced easily, parts were purchased from Bosch Rexroth, Indramat, SKF, Siemens and Schiavi, the pneumatic system was rebuilt using original parts and tested for operation.

Following assembly the machine was sold to a printing company in the middle east.